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Church Choir Cathy

Church Choir Cathy sings and sings and sings! She sings with more swing than an angel of God. She has her golden-wheat colored hair in a bun softer than fluff on the back of her head and a face that looks a little too innocent to be a human. She has a toga, a white sheet like thing the ancient Romans used to wear for clothes and sporting uniforms, whiter than a dream cloud, you know, the ones that are perfectly fluffy and perfectly white. She also has a little bit of her pajama bug shirt sticking out of her right side of the toga. Her skin is a dark tan color, like the color of a new stained floor. Her golden, tin-foil wings, which give her that look that she’s truly from heaven, and the wings look as beautiful as a golden statue’s wings. But they have an extremely large size amount of folds and crinkles in them that make them look like she was flying and crashed into a mammoth tree. She also has a lively grasp on her pure, snow-white Alaskan Polar Bear. At the bottom of the toga you can still see a little bit of her raw, sunburned feet that look like they were at the beach in burning sand in the rays of the sun while burning red-yellow from heat. To top it all off, she looks like she’s floating to heaven singing with a swing holier than a church on Sunday because of the green, green trees behind her and the smashed, music note piano stool under her on the stained, fake wooden floor.