Bartholomew Diaz

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About Bartholomew Diaz

Bartholomew Diaz was born in 1450 and died in 1500.

He sailed at the age of 36 and died at the age of 49.

Bartholomew explored because King John II wanted a spice trade.

If Bartholomew did not sail King John would have his men kill him.

Bartholomew was also a Portuguese explorer.

About the Trip

In 1481 and 1482 Bartholomew commanded one of the ships in his journey to the Gold Cost of Africa. This place is also called Ghana.

Bartholomew was also the first person to discover the Cape of Good Hope, Bartholomew first saw the Cape of Good Hope for the first time in May of 1488, he was also the first person to get there.

Bartholomew died because on the way back from Brazil there was a storm and his ship sunk.

Other people say he died because he got lost out at sea.

It took 13 days until he found land. A storm blew him past the southernmost tip of land where he had wanted to be.

Bartholomew also discovered that he had traveled 1,400 miles.

Other researchers are not sure but they think Bartholomew called his trip " The Cape of Storms," but the researchers renamed it "The Cape of Good Hope."

Other Interesting Facts

Bartholomew had 3 ships 2 for sailing and 1 for storing food.

Bartholomew was forced to sail by King John II.

Bartholomew was also a very famous Portuguse explorer.

He was trying to find a new way to China so that they could trade spices.

The king also funded the expedition too.