Francisco Coronado

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About the Explorer

§ Francisco Cornado was born in 1510 and died in 1549.

§ Cornado was the first white man to see the Mississippi.

§ Cornado was the leader of a small army sent to find the golden cities.

§ Francico had an office given to him by the king.

§ Cornado was born in Salamanca, Spain.

About the Trip

§ Francisco was in search of the golden cities.

§ Cornado’s trip lasted for 2 years.

§ Cornado was also in search of gold.

§ Francico had sent another expedition to the east.

§ Cornado failed his first expedition for gold.

Other Facts

§ Cornado was married to the daughter of the colonial treasure.

§ Cornado was married for about 2 years.

§ Francico became the governor of the Mexican proves.

§ Coronado had done nine journeys than just the first one.

§ Cornado was the most famous Spanish conquester for journeys.