Leif Eriksson

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About the Explorer

Leif Eriksson was born in 960 A.D. in Iceland.

Leif was the son of the famous explorer, Erik the Red.

Around the age of ten, Leif had to move to Greenland because his father was banned from Iceland and he couldnít move to Norway because his father was previously banned from there to.

At the age of twenty-four, Leif started his first voyage, which was to Norway.

Around the age of twenty-five, Leif and the Hebrides lordís daughter, Thorgunna, had a son.

Also, unbelievably Leif also had a pet polar bear; using his sailing knowledge he caught it and tamed it.

About the Voyage

Leif and around twenty other men were on a voyage back to Greenland from Norway when they got caught in a storm and accidentally ended up near what is now Canada.

When Leif arrived in North America he actually named it Vineland because it had so many grape vines.

Also when Leif was in Vineland, (he stayed there all spring) he found grapes, grain, and lumber.

Leifís voyage also helped him to discover many new animals.

Leif also made a map of the voyage so he could come back when he wanted/needed to.

Other Interesting Facts

When Leifís father was banned from Iceland and had to move to Greenland, It is said that Leif learned to sail at this time.

After Leifís voyage, he came back to Greenland and told many people of the new land he discovered.

Also in Leifís childhood he had a shall (a slave like person), but he treated him like a brother and they did almost everything together.

When Leif was only ten, he got a very expensive dagger, which he kept all the time and never lost.

But Leif was not an only child, he had two brothers, Torvald and Torstein, and Torvald is famous (but not as famous as Leif).