How Much Fat is in Burger King's Food?

How Much Fat is in Burger King’s Food?

Hey all you BK fans, did you know that there are about 75 grams of fat in one whopper?! I chose this graph because a bar graph shows something rating or comparing. I chose my topic because I thought no one else has this information, and I was interested in what I found. I also chose this topic because I wanted to know how much fat was in one of their burgers.

The range is 35 and it shows that there are about 35 different amounts of fat in the food. The median is 49 that means the main fat is 49. There is no mode. To find this information I went to Then I went to calories from fat and went to pages 1, 3, 4, and 5.

The purpose of my graph is so everyone knows how much fat is in Burger King’s food. The people who will like my graph are the people who make sure no one has high blood pressure, and the people who work at Burger King will know how much fat is in their food. My graph might be published in the newspaper or in the window of a physical place. It also might be published in a doctors’ office. I predict in the future Burger King will make sure their food doesn’t have a lot of fat.