Saving Sharks Poster

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Saving Sharks

There did you know that there are over three hundred million kinds of sharks? But the population decreasing every day is because people are attacking or killing sharks every day. Even though there are over three million kinds of sharks doesn’t mean they can’t be endangered and are over three hundred kinds of sharks and only ten kinds of sharks are considered man-eaters or dangerous sharks are one and of my favorite animals. Other people think that sharks are evil but they’re really not that evil. My goal is to stop people from killing sharks.

To help sharks stay alive we need to stop killing sharks, or finning sharks for money. The shark cant breath if its not moving through the water. Sharks suffocate when sharks cant move that’s why sharks should not be finned. It’s just wrong to see an endangered sharks dead without they’re fins. The shark is a part of life if you killed a shark how would you like being killed think about it!

Do you know why sharks are becoming endangered? The sharks are one of the most misunderstood. Sharks are one of the most mistreated animals in the ocean. A way to stop people from killing sharks to pass a world law that sharks shouldn’t be killed. The benefits of sharks are good for a lot of things like keeping the fish population down and making medicines from cartilage, stomachs, and their meat.

Sharks are mistreated because people think that sharks are mindless eating machines like in the movie "Jaws". Sharks are one of the only fish left from the dinosaur time so scientists should study sharks more. Scientists know very little about the rare sharks that are being hunted and if that kind of shark becomes extinct we will know little of that shark

If sharks are extinct, the fish population will grow to enormous heights and that will o mean there won’t be enough people or fish that will kill the fish. There’s a thirty percent greater chance you’re going to get struck by lightning than get bit from a shark. More sharks are dying from us than them killing us. So please stop killing sharks.