Analogy Poems
February 2003

Students were assigned to write a poem that utilized pairs of analogies which demonstrate clear relationships between them. 

Awesome Analogies Got Analogies? Analogies Are Coming
Beep! Beep! Analogies
Coming Through
A Perfect Poem A Napping Analogy
Annoying Analogies Rhyming Analogies  
Analogies Galore Blast With Analogies Analogies Galore
Awesome Analogies Weird Analogies Analogies Galore
Awesome Analogies Fun Analogies Analogy Poem
Dandy Analogies Here and There 
 Are Analogies
Fun Analogies
Analogies Galore Analogies Galore Annoying Analogies
  Got Analogies?  

This project is used to evaluate the following South Dakota Content Standards:
Grade 5 Communication/Language Arts
Goal 2-Writing
Indicator 2- Students will use appropriate style, organization, and form in technical, transactional, creative, and personal writing.
Benchmark 1-
create various examples of expressive writing, e.g., narratives which present ideas, details, imagination.