Grade 5 Science Links
Addison Wesley
Scott Foresman Textbook Activities
Unit A Life Science

Unit B Physical Science

Unit C Earth Science


Unit D Human Body

Unit A Life Science
Chapter 1 Comparing Living Things
Unit A Chapter 1 Vocabulary Practice
Animal Cells:
BrainPop: Cell Movie and Quiz
Cells Alive
I Can Do That Cells
Animal Cell Diagram

Five Kingdoms

Brain Pop: The Five Kingdoms

Classification Groups

Classification of Plants & Animals

Life Science Safari

Invertebrates Thematic Webpage

Chapter 2 Reproduction and Change

Plant Cells

Plant Cell Diagram

Plants Thematic Webpage


Brain Pop: Photosynthesis

Mealworm Activity

Mealworm Stages Photo

Mealworm Information


Chapter 3 Adaptations

Unit A Chapter 3 Vocabulary Practice

Adaptations Thematic Webpage

If You Can't Run You've Got To Hide

Insect Camouflage and Mimicry

Chapter 4 Ecology

Unit A Chapter 4 Vocabulary Practice


Ecosystems, Biomes, and Habitats

Enchanted Learning Habitats and Biomes

What's It Like Where You Live?

World Biomes

World Wildlife Fund: Natural Surroundings

Food Chains and Energy Pyramids

Food Chains Activity

Interesting Facts About Food Chains

Food Chains and Webs

Create a Food Web

Unit B Physical Science

Chapter 1 Classifying Matter

Unit B Chapter 1 Vocabulary Practice

Elements and Matter

Brain Pop's Matter & Molecules


Periodic Table

The Elements Thematic Webpage

Periodic Table of Elements

It's Elemental

It's Elemental Quizzes & Games

Proton Don

"The Elements" song written by Tom Lehrer


Brain Pop's Atom Video

All About Atoms

Atoms, Elements, Compounds & Mixtures

Compounds & Mixtures

Brain Pop's Compounds & Mixtures Video

Chapter 2 Investigating Motion

Unit B Chapter 2 Vocabulary Practice

What Affects Motion?

Newton's Three Laws of Motion

Rader's Motion Site

The Physics Classroom

Newton's Laws

Understanding Roller Coasters


Science Museum of Minnesota Friction Experiments


Brain Pop's Gravity

What Goes Up Must Come Down

Your Weight on Other Worlds

Chapter 3 Forms of Energy

Unit B Chapter 3 Vocabulary Practice

Energy Information Kids Page

Brain Pop's Energy Sources

Brain Pop's Electricity

Chapter 4 Electrical Energy

Unit B Chapter 4 Vocabulary Practice

Unit C Earth Science

Chapter 1 The Changing Earth

Unit C Chapter 1 Vocabulary Practice

Chapter 2 The Earth's Resources

Unit C Chapter 2 Vocabulary Practice

Chapter 3 Climate

Unit C Chapter 3 Vocabulary Practice

Chapter 4 Astronomy

Unit C Chapter 4 Vocabulary Practice

Astronomy for Kids

Unit D Human Body

Chapter 1 Respiration and Excretion
Unit D Chapter 1 Vocabulary Practice
Human Body Thematic Webpage
The Heart: An On-line Exploration
Science Fact File: Inside the Human Body
BBC Online-Human Body
The Human Body
Web Anatomy

Chapter 2 Living a Healthy Life

Unit D Chapter 2 Vocabulary Practice

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